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Posted on 02-26-2015

We are very happy to announce that we are going to continue with our equine health checks and vaccination programs for this spring. It is a great time to take advantage of the discount prices provided as well as getting the assurance that your horse is healthy and all vaccines that you need done for the season will be completed.

Vaccination Protocols

Our vaccination protocol here at Grand Valley Animal Clinic is broken into two basic parts. We have the "core vaccines" and the "risk of exposure vaccines". The core vaccines include eastern & western encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness), tetanus, West Nile, and rabies. Sleeping sickness and West Nile viruses are both spread by mosquitos which makes all horses vulnerable to these diseases. Tetanus is caused by clostridium tetani spores entering the body through openings like cuts and wounds or even surgery such as a gelding. Rabies is fairly prevalent here on the prairies and may be transmitted by a bite on the nose from an infected skunk while the horse is grazing.

Risk of exposure vaccines include the following:

Equine Influenza:  Highly contagious virus spread by coughing or nose to nose contact. 

Equine Herpes: "Rhino" also highly contagious and spread through close contact with other infected horses. Can cause abortions in pregnant mares.

Equine Strangles: Another highly contagious virus which commonly affects young horses but horses of any age can be affected. Can cause draining abcesses and large abcesses along the jaw area.

Dental Care

Taking care of your horse's teeth is part of maintaining your hors's health. Floating is sometimes required to help keep the horse's teeth in good shape. Floating, in a general explanation, is where the vet will file the teeth to keep them working properly. Unlike ours, your horse's teeth keep growing and sometimes sharp points can develop, or the grinding motion of the back teeth becomes impaired.

Deworming/ Fecal

We are offering a fecal test for equines this year, and if any parasites are found in the sample you will be given a free syringe of Safeguard dewormer. Horses carrying a parasite load can often appear sluggish, lose weight, have rough hair coats, and in severe cases they can also colic.

Blood Testing

This is another service that can be added to create a total picture of your horse's health profile. The results of the blood work can reveal possible underlying issues and also creates a baseline for what is normal for your particular horse. We have an in-house lab and can obtain results quickly.

For more information on our packages we offer follow this link: http://gvac.ca/equine-medicine---surgery/equine-vaccinations.html?_ga=1.42041510.2063543615.1417625631

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